"Dɔm Yo" Home Girl

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Option: "Dɔm Yoo" Home Girl


"Dɔm" pronounced "Dorm" means home in the Krobo language. The Krobos are very well known for their artistry in bead making. They are the true artisans of waist beads. 

This beautifully handcrafted strand of traditional waist beads and crystals is an Ode to the Krobo woman. A woman who is genuine, true and rooted.

"Dom Yo " Home Girl, represents the woman who knows who she is, where she's from, is down to earth and never forgets her way home no matter how far she gets in life.

50 inches in length. *Excess beads can be removed to make it shorter. *Email us if you'd prefer a longer length (additional charge may apply).