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The Women of Sherigu Nyokoko

Adongo Atuamaha is my name. I am a native of Zokor and a widow with four (4) children, 3 girls, and a boy. I am a professional weaver and the lead person of our group. I started weaving 12 years ago when joined a neighbor (Apogpika) meaning ‘small woman’ in this beautiful craftsmanship in order to support my sick and aged mother, and for the upkeep of my family. I started by going with Apogpika to her craft center. We would walk for about 2km to the craft center and 2km back home every day.  This continued for close to 2 years. Whiles learning the craft of weaving,  I would earn some income to help purchase foodstuff and other things for the home. 

I would weave for the craft center during the daytime and weave for my personal sales at Bolga and Zokor markets during the nighttime. This was all to make our family ends meet since I was the first child and also I had assumed the parenting role due to my mother’s I’ll condition and my dad's demise. The basket weaving has allowed me to support, my mother, my household, and two of my siblings to senior high school. 

The adoption of our craft center by Ayebea’s Sankofa Marketplace means a lot to all of us because it will make things even better and empower us in all areas of our lives because we are able to set our own prices. The partnership also means that some of our worries will be lifted when school begins every year because we know our children will have the basic needs for school. From our very own lives to our children, husbands, and even our extended family members, it will help us all.  Indeed, thanks to Ayebea’s Sankofa Marketplace once again for adopting our weaving center and empowering our rural women to be confident and self-sufficient in craftsmanship.