There's a person and a story behind each of our products!


At Ayebea’s Charming Beads, we believe in bringing you the finest beads. Our beads are handcrafted in Ghana using specially selected beads that are strung together by a thread. Our beads are suitable for both adults and young ladies. Beading could be a great way for mothers and daughters to bond as they talk about womanhood, feminine beauty, and the feeling of empowerment. They can also be used to adorn the wrist and ankle. Finally, all waist beads by Ayebea’s Charming Beads are tie-on and will arrive at your door with tying instructions.

Our Ghana Team

Abdul is the creative brain behind all our waist bead designs. He carefully selects and meticulously strings together each strand of waist bead we sell. Augustina ensures that our ideas are efficiently communicated to Abdul, especially as it relates to custom designs and orders.

Measuring Your Waist