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Style: Large-Burgundy


All our Bolga baskets and bags beautifully exhibit the talent and skill of the women of Ayebase Collective. Their unique shape means they are versatile in their use. Traditionally Bolga Baskets were used to carry produce to the market and from the farm to home. The name "Bolga" comes from the fact that the bags and baskets are woven in Bolgatanga, in the Northern Region of Ghana.

As a partner of the Ayebase Enterprise, we've made a commitment to support the women, by providing basic school supplies and sometimes fees for their children's education. Your purchase does not only support this mission but also ensures that this cycle is sustained and that the Women Groups of Ayebase Enterprise continue to have the power and freedom to set their own prices which sets them on the path to financial independence as well as a sustainable livelihood.

These intricately hand-woven baskets are great as totes, shopping bags, a beach bag, picnicking or storage. They're truly a great way to bring some color into your life.

Your basket will arrive folded in on inward to allow for easy packaging and shipping. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to reshape any Bolga bag or basket.

Firmly press out the basket to straighten it. Using either a spray bottle, water hose, or even under the tap, slightly wet the basket—making sure to get the whole basket wet except for the leather.

Once soaked, allow the basket to sit for about 5 minutes. Now using both hands, push the creases in/out to bend and reshape your basket as required.

Sit the basket out and allow it to dry for 1-2 hours. Voila!! Your beautiful and intricately handwoven Bolga Basket is ready to brighten your home!