The Art of Recycled Glass Beads by Nomoda. E. Djaba

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Learn more about the deep-rooted cultural traditions of beads in Ghanaian society. Grab your very own autographed copy of this riveting illustrated hard-cover book by Mr. Nomoda Djaba, Ghana's premier master bead artisan.

"The Art of Recycled Glass Beads takes you on a fascinating journey into the heart of recycled glass bead making. With deep historical, cultural, and religious significance, beads have been part of society for centuries. Nomoda Djaba, Ghana's premier master bead-maker, shares with you this ancient, yet surprisingly modern and captivating craft." -Back cover.

Your autographed book comes with a hand-painted glass bead bracelet, courtesy of Mr. Nomoda Djaba, and a drawstring gift bag for storage of your bracelet.