"Afofantor Hemea"- Butterfly Queen Silver

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Option: "Afofantor Hemea"- Butterfly Queen Silver-49 inches


"Butterfly Queen!" This intricately handcrafted strand with butterfly crystals is made with the tender, passionate and brave woman in mind. Red traditional beads are used to signify passion, bravely and confidence. Traditional gold beads are used to signify wealth, power and good health.

Yes beautiful queen, let this strand serve as a symbol of your strength and your ability to go through challenges and still come out strong and even better! This strand is a reminder that, life is too short for you to allow challenges to stop you from living. Live, Butterfly Queen, Live!!

*These beads are "tie-on" 49 inches in length *Excess beads can be removed to make it shorter. *Email us if you'd prefer a longer length (additional charge may apply).